About Alpha World Fitness

Our mission is to make fitness a lifestyle 

Why Alpha World Fitness?

ALPHA describes someone who is strong or powerful.

At Alpha World Fitness, we commit to bringing out your inner Alpha through consistency and persistency. We are a passionate and dedicated team when it comes to health and lifestyle choices. Our mission is to get you to achieve your goal while providing unlimited support along the way. 


Therefore, our priority is YOU!



"Persistency and Consistency"

We believe that if you are persistent you will get it and if you are consistent you will keep it. That’s why we offer customizable training programs that aim to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Alex Orphanides

My toughest opponent was my own “fear” of being outside my comfort zone. This is nothing but an illusion created by thought. One must understand how to overcome these mental barriers.

Ariana Antoniou

My background in psychology and my desire to understand the human body allows me to portray fitness as a lifestyle. Therefore, I show others how they can reach their true potential.

How Our Story Began

Alpha World Fitness was created by just two people; a pair of expert athletes who share the same ideology on making fitness a lifestyle. Ariana and Alex believe that anyone can lead a healthy lifestyle. The first step is to overcome those mental barriers preventing you from reaching your true and fullest potential.

Ready to bring out your inner Alpha?