AWF Kahuna Beach BootCamp



Cyprus Weather + Beach = AWF Kahuna Beach Bootcamp!


Cyprus is known for its remarkable history, charming beaches, and relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. But the most attractive feature is the beautiful Cyprus weather


Sun, sand, and beach are what defines summer weather in Cyprus and the best way to experience it all is through our Alpha World Fitness Beach Bootcamp. This bootcamp type workout invites anyone from all levels of fitness to participate in unique training exercises while appreciating the glorious Cyprus weather. 


Instead of being stuck inside a gym, live the island life by experiencing a sunset workout in the sand while enjoying the beautiful Cyprus weather. Don’t miss out on our Summer Vibe Workout Event which is open to the public.


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*Available from May to September near Kahuna Surfhouse. (Only available on Saturday)

**During off-season months, join us indoors at our AWF BootCamp.



Ready to bring out your inner Alpha?